Yoga Stretches for Neck, Shoulder & Hips -Yoga for Travel & Tired Bodies

Yoga Stretches for Neck, Shoulder & Hips -Yoga for Travel & Tired Bodies

Hi yogis!

If you are feeling tight from travel, or if you have been working or sitting for long periods of time, this flow is full of stretches to help target and to release in the muscles in your neck, shoulders and hips.

To begin, take a minute to yourself to mentally set aside any distractions or baggage so that you can fully arrive to your practice today. We will begin in an easy seated position. Feel free to close your eyes here as you take some of the deepest breaths of the day so far. We will be here for a few moments, so use this time to bring your awareness to each of your senses individually. Notice any small details around you that you tend to overlook in your normal routine; any smells, sounds or sensations you can feel. Use all five of your senses to ground you as you begin your practice.

We’ll gently stretch out the muscles in the shoulder girdle and side body, as well as in the neck first. In each of the poses that we hold, see if you can relax a little further to release any tightness you may be feeling. After that we’ll bring attention to the hips by finishing this practice up the wall.

As you find your position on the wall, it might be comfortable to bring a blanket or cushion under your lower back. We’ll move through a few slow stretches to focus on both the inner and outer hips, you will have options to go deeper into the stretch if you want them. Gently and slowly move into the depth of the pose that serves your body best. This doesn’t mean pushing so far to the point of pain but finding a place in the stretch that feels both intense but good. Be here and focus on your breath.

Find a breath so deep as it moves in and out of your nose, that you can feel the tension melting away in your hips. You’ll spend a fair amount of time with your legs up the wall. This is incredibly beneficial not only to release tension in your hips, but also to reverse the blood flow in your legs. Appreciate the time that you’ve given yourself to unwind today and enjoy!

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