Relaxing Yoga Stretches for Sore Muscles – Yoga for Flexibility (20 minute Yoga)

Relaxing Yoga Stretches for Sore Muscles – Yoga for Flexibility (20 minute Yoga)

Welcome to yoga, friends.

This is an excellent, gentle practice if your body has been feeling stiff. In this 20 minute sequence we are going to move gently through both sitting and standing positions to help stretch and relax your sore muscles.

To begin, we’ll start in child’s pose with the hands down by the feet and palms facing up to rest. Soften through the muscles your face and in your jaw. Take time in the first few minutes to arrive on you mat, notice your breath and where it might feel tight as your breath becomes deeper. In this flow, we’ll move quite slowly and spend a few moments in each position in order to lengthen and stretch any stiff or sore muscles you may have. Allow yourself to relax through your breath and create space and release tension in your body, see if maybe you can move a little deeper in each posture with time.

You may notice some tightness or even some intense sensations in some of these postures, do your best to breath and stay calm, trust that your body may be able to clear some of the stiffness and congestion with the passing time. Try to close your eyes, or at least soften your gaze here. It is very normal in long holds for the mind to wander, do your best to acknowledge these thoughts and let them pass. Bring your attention back to your breath.

Feel free to grab a bolster or cushion for this sequence if you like. And remember you are exactly where you need to be.

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