Morning Yoga Stretch Full Body Yoga (20 Minute Yoga) – SUNRISE YOGA

Morning Yoga Stretch Full Body Yoga (20 Minute Yoga) – SUNRISE YOGA

Welcome back and good morning!

In this energizing morning flow we are going to bring attention and breath to any areas in the body that may be tight or stiff from sleeping. For this flow you may or may not need your mat. But, if you are feeling tight, I highly recommend grabbing a pillow or folded blanket.

We’ll begin in easy seated position, sitting up tall and with the ankles crossed. We’ll move through some seated cat-cow movements, side body stretches and shoulder rolls before we build up to stronger standing postures. Take these first couple of minutes as you wake up in the mind and body to focus on any places in the body that need a little extra breath or attention.

You are going to move gently and with slow intention for the first few moments of the video as you prepare for the postures that are designed to increase your blood flow first thing in the morning. Moving through downward dog, engage in your quads to bring some brightness and energy to the back of the legs and lower back.

Breath into everything that you feel with smooth inhales and exhales through your nose. And wherever you are, remember to engage in your core so that there is a lightness in your hands and feet as they support your body on your mat.

Observe any new sensations in the body, if there is any tightness somewhere, focus on your breath in that pose, let your body take itself further into the posture if it is ready, there is no need to push for more than is necessary. Have fun!

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